Women Thriving in Business Mastermind

Have you reached a plateau in your business growth? 

Are you feeling stuck in the routine operations of your business?

Are you the person who everyone expects to have the answers?

Are you tired of the "trial and error" method of scaling your business? Making decisions in a vacuum?

Are you frustrated by the lack of time or energy to devote to brainstorming and strategizing about the future of your business?

What if you had a dedicated community of women entrepreneurs to serve as your sounding board and your thought partners?  What if you had a group of accountability partners committed to helping you achieve your goals?


Women Thriving in Business (WTiB) Mastermind offers a curated environment of entrepreneurs who provide community, collaboration, collective brainstorming, problem-solving, and accountability. 

We do this through focused “hot seats”, which provide you the opportunity to solicit feedback and input on your specific business challenges, gain insights on business opportunities, and obtain strategic guidance on important business decisions. 

WTiB reduces the learning curve as you listen and grow from the experiences of other group members. 

Each session helps you move from questions and confusion to ideas for next steps and execution within your business. 

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What is a Mastermind?

Watch this short video for a quick history of masterminds and what distinguishes a mastermind from a masterclass or group coaching.


WTiB Mastermind is for you if you are:

  • An established business owner, with 2 or more years' business experience (part-time or full-time)
  • Ready to move from lonely business owner to collaborative empire-builder
  • Seeking a community to share accomplishments and challenges
  • Looking for strategically focused accountability support
  • Open to sharing resources and connections
  • Ready to give and receive support from a community of business owners focused on continued growth


WTiB Mastermind includes:

  • Six 90-minute mastermind meetings, bi-weekly
  • Onboarding activities to establish 90-day goals prior to group meetings
  • Focused attention on your specific questions and challenges through hot seats
  • Individual accountability dashboard to document goals and progress
  • Monthly SME sessions (optional) - workshops with subject matter experts on specific business topics (based on group interests) 
  • Intimate group of 4-8 members



  • Join WTiB within 24 hours of your consult call and receive 1:1 Imagine Your Business Vision Session, a 90 minute session to clarify your business vision and develop a strategy for the next best step in your business (value $375)
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Your Facilitator

Hi, I'm Nikki Rogers and I am a trained mastermind facilitator with a background in management consulting, strategic planning, and small business coaching.

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs build sustainable companies and I support business owners in developing the mindset, strategy, systems, and connections to run their businesses with confidence and ease.

I look forward to you joining WTiB Mastermind!