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Episode 501: Focused on the Future

Feb 23, 2022

Welcome back Thrivers to Season Five of The Women Thriving in Business Podcast!

The past year was educational, enlightening, and has led to some key insights about how I plan to move forward.  All of my 2021 experiences taught lessons that have made me stronger, braver, and bolder for 2022. 

As entrepreneurs, it can sometimes feel like we are running a race around a track. We keep starting and stopping, running into hurdles, trying to figure out which of our ideas or...

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Episode 401: Leveling Up: Insights from the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses Program

Nov 03, 2021

My vision for season 4 is to bring you great guests

who will inspire and motivate you to thrive in business.

- Nikki Rogers

Welcome to season 4 of the Women Thriving in Business podcast! I appreciate all of you for rocking with me over the last 3 seasons. And if you are a new listener - thanks for joining the WTiB family.

The Bladen Group is leveling up! I’ve learned so much from my clients, business partners, and coaches over the past 3 years that have helped the...

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