Women Thriving in Business is a show that focuses on candid conversations with and about women entrepreneurs discussing their inspiration, accomplishments and aspirations.

We also discuss mistakes, lessons learned, and advice for aspiring business owners.

Whether you are just starting out or you have been in business for decades, WTiB offers inspiration, strategies, and resources to help you THRIVE in business. Honest discussions with women entrepreneurs about the realities of business.

Stories of Women who THRIVE

It's amazing how listening to other people's stories can lead us to the path of being our best selves.

The WTiB Podcast features some of the most insightful and inspiring journeys of women who braved the toughest challenges and emerged to thrive in their different ventures.

Episode 510: The Power and Pressure of Story

May 11, 2022

Episode 509: Thriving Through Resilience

May 04, 2022

Episode 508: The Power of Style | Monica Barnett

Apr 27, 2022

Episode 507: Building A Better Business | Jennifer Kok

Apr 13, 2022

Episode 501: Focused on the Future

Feb 23, 2022

Episode 407: My Mother's Legacy: Dreams, Beliefs, Action

Dec 15, 2021

Season 4 Prelude: Lessons in Podcasting with Eleshia Harris

Oct 13, 2021

Episode 310: How to Move Your Business Forward

Sep 15, 2021

Episode 307: Thriving Through Wellness | Tiffany Williams-Parra

Aug 25, 2021

Episode 306: Build, Grow and Thrive in Business

Aug 17, 2021

Episode 303: Activate Your Inner CEO

Jul 28, 2021

Episode 209: The Power of the Mind | Randall Hayes

May 26, 2021

Episode 207: Do You Trust Yourself?

May 12, 2021

Episode 206: Follow Your Spirit | Jenn Urso

May 05, 2021

Episode 204: How to Thrive in Business

Apr 21, 2021

Episode 203: Diagnosis for Success | Linda Jordon

Apr 16, 2021

Episode 202: The Ripple Effect | Ashley M. Williams

Apr 16, 2021

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